I’m a wanderer.. Are you?

Ungefär i samma veva som jag halkade in på artikeln om hur svårt det kan vara att komma tillbaka till vardagen efter en resa (läs HÄR), hittade jag denna artikel om Wanderlust. Även denna träffade mig rakt i hjärtat. Varenda mening stämde in på mig. Alla känslor jag de senaste åren inte riktigt kunnat sätta fingret på fick nu en förklaring.

Men samtidigt som den gav mig en lättnad av igenkännande skrämde den också skiten ur mig.

Jag har alltid vetat att min reslust är en stor del av mig. Jag har alltid haft lättare att ge mig iväg än att komma hem. Jag har alltid drömt mig bort. Men jag har nog aldrig innan New York förstått hur svår den delen av mig är att kombinera med det klassiska svenssonlivet. Artikeln är visserligen skriven i en något negativ ton men allt som står där stämmer och även om jag är extremt stolt (ja, stolt!) över den delen av mig förstår jag nu att jag måste ta mig en rejäl funderare på hur jag ska lyckas få in den delen av mig i en vardag.

”8 symptoms of suffering from extreme Wanderlust”
(Wanderlust; A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world).

1. Constant yearning
The wanderer craves foreign land the way a diabetic craves sugar. Though it may not be life or death, wanderers feel like a part of their soul is dying if they’re not able to cross oceans or reach new lands. This yearning is usually brought on after a trip or before, when it seems like their hearts are swollen with the promise of a new land or the remorse of leaving.

2. Itches you can’t scratch
No matter where you go, it will never be enough. The downfall to traveling is there will always be a place you have not been. This itch will follow you troughout your life, like a bad rash, the only ointment and relief will come from momentary trips and plans of new ones.

3. Hazy vision
It’s hard to see the world when you’re always thinking about another one. Another side effect of the wanderer is an inability to enjoy the present moment because wanderers always want to be in another one. Unless they are dancing in Ibiza or eating pizza in Rome, wanderers will never be satiated with the present and their vision will always be skewed by the things they could be doing and the places they could be going. Their judgement of the present moment is constantly clouded, like a fog that sits over a gloomy city.

4. Swollen memories
Engorged memories of better days fill the mind of the wanderer. Wanderers have no ability to cope with the present when they are constantly thinking of the past. Memories of past trips will haunt them as they wish they could relive them, or at least try and find something to replace them. Their head feels swollen with memories, good times and better days.

5. Tight budgets
The plight of the constant wanderer is the inability to afford medication. Like the costs of most vaccines prove, there is a high price to pay for health. From airfares to hotels, the wanderer gets no help from insurance companies or the government, but must find a way to pay for all treatments out of pocket.

6. Utter discontentment
Disillusion and depression will forever be side effects of the wanderer who can not wander. These people will never be happy where they are unless they are somewhere else and this keeps them in a state of discontent for most of their lives. This side effect can be one of the most unbearable to live with, as wanderers live with the notion that life is always better somewhere else. This depression keeps them from enjoying all of life, mainly the parts that don’t involve crossing oceans or visiting uncharted territories.

7. Lucid daydreams
Fantasies, mirages and hallucinations plague the wanderer on a daily basis. Unable to stay awake and alert, these people dream with their eyes open and their realities compromised. They sleep in other worlds and are constantly berated for their inability to live in reality. They do not know how to cope with the real world because they’d rather be living in another one.

8. Fatal nostalgia
Wanderers will cling to people, things and notions that they should no longer rely on so heavily. Their nostalgia overcomes them, squeezing their hearts until they are choking on feelings and memories of things they will never have again, or at least for a long time.

För hela artikeln ’8 symptoms your suffering from extreme wanderlust’ se HÄR.